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Everything isn’t about us….

A few years ago, Templeway Church began with moments spent with God in our living room dreaming, listening, reading and sharing conversations with friends.

It has been hugely difficult at times. We have struggled personally in the face of mounting responsibilities. Leading a community has often required tangible expressions of this dream in order for it to feel alive and we were constantly learning in reverse, struggling to frame this vision.

In the wave of all of this, sometimes God’s voice would become small and insignificant, sometimes we cheated by depending solely on our own abilities and charm. There have been so many moments where God has literally torn us from the edge, reminding us of his presence, whispering to us his all consuming love for a heart that is humble and willing to listen.

This morning my simple prayer for you is that as you navigate the path you are on, you will pause to listen, you be humble to receive, you be gracious when filled with God’s power and you will come alive when used as a channel of God’s love.

It is only then that you will be able to see and experience God’s power to change lives and transform hearts. I love that.

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