About me


Hi, I’m Joel  & welcome to my blog.

I haven’t had a very exciting life and then in last 3 years everything happened all at once. I met a beautiful Canadian, I left behind my career in Mental Health,  I married that beautiful Canadian and became a theology student. In addition to an extreme lack of sleep and my age becoming apparent over night. I have also  been busy building a community as a Pastor at Templeway Church.

I love writing and can’t believe I don’t do it more often. So this is the place where you will find all sorts of interesting tidbits about faith, community,  innovation & creativity, youth culture, leadership, worship, food;  Just about everything.  When I am not here, I’m usually dreaming about music, discovering good food and interesting places. I also have an  unnatural fear of wet hair and the word moist.

If you are a writer,  I’d love to hear from you. Learning how great people do stuff is all part of the journey I’m on. If you are a musician, let’s create stories and good music. If you’d like me to speak at your event then I think that will be a great idea. Email me, or you can also use the handy contact form below:

You can also catch me at these groovy places:





Templeway Church



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